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Lambrecht innovates and goes for a complete traceability in feed delivery.

Lambrecht Trailers from Kortemark is the only builder of bulk trailers for various granular and powdery products in Belgium. Those bulk trailers are custom-made for transporting animal feed, meal products, cereals, flour, etc.

Customization is our strength, together with continuous innovation.

Within the European project Internet of Food and Farm ( ), we have developed – in cooperation with KU Leuven and Quicksand – an Io trailer application ® to digitize and  remote monitoring of all feed-logistics activities.

The result is a fully automated ‘silo’ detection system that can guarantee that the right bulk contents are delivered into the right silos.

How does this work?

Through internet communication  between the loading station and the trailer, data are transferred which kind of animal feed are loaded in the different compartments of the trailer.

When the bulk trailer arrives at the farm, online communication can be made between the trailer and each silo. This allows that only the matching compartment of the trailer can be unloaded in the appropriate silo.

This implies also  that all loading and delivery information is digitally centralised. The complete feed logistic activities can be followed from the office by logging in, in a central Smart Silo Server; no need to work with various delivery papers.

This approach will secure and authenticate the transport of bulk-goods in the agri-food chain, both for feed and food with zero risk contamination.  This solution will help to prevent feed and food wastage caused by wrong deliveries ad increase transport efficiency through data analysis.

Our innovation project can be followed via

In short, by purchasing the IO trailer, to supply the right feed in the right silo, a whole range of (financial) advantages are gained:

  • No sucking costs due to errors during the unload procedure
  • No destruction costs of the entire silo content
  • No extra production costs for producing new feed
  • No extra transport and labour costs for supplying the correct feed
  • No commercial discount due all the worries
  • No unexpected disruption of the bulk feed process
  • No image loss or dissatisfied farmer due to the wrong delivery
  • No increased doubt of the farmer about the accuracy of the driver

And what about the benefits for the farmer?  What share is foreseen for the farmer?

Up until now animal feed and human food producers invested a large amount of resources to obtain a safe and traceable process. And thanks to Belgian sector organizations as BFA, Ovocom and even international organizations such as Fefac… they came along very far in the safety and traceability of feed and food.

They managed to secure the chain as much as possible until it leaves the production site, then nobody realized, but there is a missing link …Everything works manual and on trust…If feed is unloaded in the wrong silo, animals can become sick or in worst case scenario, it might even have fatal cases.  Even with possible consequences up in the food chain.

With the development of the Io Trailer, Lambrecht Trailers makes the whole process fully traceable and mitigates the risk of contamination.

This results in:

  • up to 100% traceability of the feed between the feed company and the silo at the farm
    • Upgrade of “GMP+” requirements
    • FEFAC: “safety of the final feed, animal product & animal health”

  • Up to 100% traceability for the farmer that his animals eat the feed in accordance with the requirements of his certifications or label (Omega 3, organic label, other requirements of retailers).

  • No negative consequences for the farmer’s breeding yield due to diseases or bad feed intake
  • No paperwork – CMR is made up digitally. Even the possibility of using the smart phone for tracking and following all deliveries.

As for the transport manager/company, even for the driver, the Io Trailer foresees in a range of applications which are more than “nice to have”.

  • Standard unloading procedure is retained: no additional driver actions required
  • Direct communication between dispatching and trailer
  • Silo detection is applicable to all types of silos and couplings
  • Io Trailer with silo detection is applicable to the entire transport fleet
  • Io Trailer device can be transferred from old to new trailers
  • Purchase value can be settled over the lifetime of several trailers
  • Monitoring of the blowing efficiency per trailer is possible
  • Location of the trailer and the status of the deliveries is possible
  • 100% proof that the feed delivery has taken place
  • Advantages of Io Trailer during COVID 19 epidemic:
    • No social contact necessary on any level
    • Home office, working from distance is possible
  • Possibility to expand in iPhone APP:
    • Informing the farmer when the trailer arrives
    • Digital CMR application on iPhone
    • Digital delivery note

But what is the ultimate goal?  Why is the Io trailer ultimately an added value across the chain?

The end consumer knows what kind of food he finds on his plate.   He can rely on his choose due to the traceability of the whole cycle.

In a nutshell: The end costumer has trust in the food chain.

One more thing:

Not only will the innovation increase efficiency, but it will also offer ecological added value through fewer additional transports (less CO² emissions).  This will benefit everyone.

Interested in our innovation project?

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Fully convinced and eager to present our latest innovation, we hope to meet your soon in Kortemark.

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